Wet and Dry Vacuum

The Paragon wet and dry range of vacuum cleaners include durable machines from 30 to 75 liters that can work on any big or small application. Choose from the best Cleaning Products Suppliers in Bahrain today. With excellent performance and features like easy emptying and corrosion resistance, our range of wet and dry vacs performs well on dry, damp, or damp dirt. Drain pumps are available for flooding situations.

• Contract cleaners use these extremely robust, durable, and easy to handle machines daily.
• Large vacuum cleaners make it challenging to clean your home, incredibly the hard to reach corners. Paragon Cleaners are lightweight, making it extremely easy to use the appliance in offices and homes.
• It also makes low noise so that you can clean the house or office without disturbing anyone.
• It doesn’t affect your health as well because of the zero bend technology. It will keep your spinal cord intact without pressurizing it much.

Being the most trusted and verified cleaning product dealers in Bahrain, we are open to any inquiries. You can book a free demo to know our products well before making a decision. You can also visit our store to explore the full range.