Sweepers Suppliers

Ten times faster than manual sweeping, the Paragon’s mechanical sweeper sweeps more thoroughly than a broom, saving time and labor. Picks up dust, granules, paper, leaves, even small screws, nails, and bolts, keeping your surroundings neat and litter-free with minimum cost and effort. Use it inside, on floors outside, on paths, roads, parking lots, petrol stations, anywhere. The brush pressure adjustment knob enables the brushes’ optimum adaptation to all floor conditions and dirt types.

Buy various kinds of effective sweeping machines for various industrial, commercial, and domestic cleaning requirements from simple walk behind push sweeper from the best Sweepers Suppliers in Bahrain.

We have the below variety of sweepers at our store.
• Walk-behind sweeper
• Ride-on sweeper
• Truck-mounted sweeper
• City sweeper

The application of the innovative sweeping system guarantees:
• More incredible speed compared to others.
• The collection of massive and large-sized waste
• Feasibility to operate with little or even no water
• The option to work on wet surfaces is also available.
• Collected dust remains in a container.
• These sweepers are ideal for a vast range of urban applications, both in terms of type and weather conditions.

Being established sweepers dealers in Bahrain for so many years, we have never failed to surprise our customers with our friendly service.
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