Specialist Machines

Specialist machines handle jobs not suitable for standard low power machines. They are designed specifically for safety, working with potentially hazardous dust or debris. Our industrial vacuum cleaners can take on almost any job out there. If you have something a little more critical than you need a vacuum cleaner, we can help you get the right specialist machine for the right job. Try our specialists today. Being one of the oldest industrial vacuum cleaner suppliers in Bahrain, we know what the industry needs right now.

• Explore our range of specialist cleaning machines for every job you can presume.
• We stock various specialist machines suitable for every cleaning task, including advanced filtration vacuums, chimney sweep vacuums, and dangerous vacuums.
• The vacuum cleaners are suitable to work in harsh environments and provide optimum efficiency.
• We have a free delivery service and an easy 14-days return policy in case you aren’t satisfied with the product delivered.

You can visit our store for availing of special corporate discounts since we are the only Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Dealers in Bahrain.

If you need any advice on the best machine for your industrial requirements, feel free to contact our courteous and considerate staff for expert advice.