Comac Sanex Disinfectant Sprayer

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SANEX is a small sanitizer, extremely handy and compact.

Ideal for sanitizing and deodorizing rooms and offices in any sector, it can also be used for car interiors and air conditioning ducts.

SANEX is a light and easily transportable equipment. It is very simple to use, just turn on the machine using the appropriate main switch and, by using the dedicated gun, the spray of the solution is simply and effectively directed.

It is a machine that adapts to different needs, in fact, it can be used with sanitizing, disinfectant or deodorant solutions. Sanex is available in battery version (24V) and cable version (230V and 110V).

Detergents are nebulized to last longer and are evenly distributed in the air of the environment to be treated. In this way all the surfaces that are present in that environment can be reached and sanitised.

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