Natural Cleaning Products

Natural Cleaning Products Premier Suppliers in Bahrain

If your business is in eco-friendly and sustainability operations, it is even more awesome to get all natural cleaning products for your office premises. Everything eco friendly and natural is not just good for your health and the health of your people but it does make a lot of difference for conservation of our earth.

Major types of natural cleaners for commercial use include:
● Disinfectant
● Sanitizer
● Bathroom cleaner
● Furniture polish
● Floor cleaner
● Upholstery cleaner
● Glass and mirror cleaner
● Toilet cleaner
● Laundry cleaner
● Mold retardant

These janitorial supplies are not only natural and biodegradable, they also match up to the cleaning power of regular chemical based cleaners. Discover more at Paragon Trading, Bahrain, the premier suppliers of natural cleaners in Bahrain. Enquire now to request a quote.