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Industrial Floor Scrubbers Suppliers in Bahrain – Paragon Trading

Industries deal with various corrosive and non-corrosive material that needs to be cleared up frequently from the floors in order to maintain floor hygiene and safeguard everyone’s health. An industrial floor scrubber provides the most viable and apt solution for tough stains from oil spills, grease, slurry and sludge and much more.

Equipped with a floor mop and a floor brush, an industrial floor cleaning scrubber can be walk-along or ride on for covering ample surface area with high pressure. Getting these convenient devices for your industrial cleaning application is now easy in Bahrain with Paragon Trading.

Explore multiple options of industrial scrubbers from the best industrial scrubbers suppliers in Bahrain. We deal in brands ranging from Numatic International, Comac, Klindex, Von Schrader, Lavor Pro, ChaoBao, Filmop, Intercare, Premiere Products and Arpal with all kinds of cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing products for housekeeping and janitorial purposes. Keep healthy and feel great keeping germs away with Paragon Trading’s range of Industrial Cleaning products.