Industrial Scrubbers Dealers

In the world of floor cleaning machines, these industrial scrubbers allow workers to stand or sit on the device while cleaning, speeding cleaning and reducing operator fatigue when cleaning large areas. These machines are the products of the best industrial scrubber’s suppliers in Bahrain.

There are walk-behind machines with and without friction. The range of walker models is broad, comprising both automatic and very high-tech variants. All the designs of these floor scrubbers have containers with the highest capacity in their level to satisfy all the water necessary for optimal cleansing.

• The device has an elegant, small design that responds to the need for both functionality and ease of use.
• Durable, dependable, and easy to use a professional scrubber
• Cleans the harshest environments with stern, durable, non-corroding scrub decks and squeegee frames
• Designed for use in industrial settings like Healthcare, Education, Retail, Airports, convention centers, building service contractors, manufacturing, warehousing, bottling, etc.

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