Dry industrial scrubbers

A Quick Buying Guide to Industrial Scrubbers in Bahrain from Paragon Trading

Using industrial scrubbers, air pollution in Bahrain is tackled efficiently.
Sustainability in every industry is gaining more importance than luxury than ever before. Maintaining a clean and green environment throughout with high efficiency processes is even more important. The air quality index above 100 is deemed to be unhealthy for people and animals to live. Our biodiversity is increasingly becoming extinct on the virtue of harmful pollutants from industrial processes being let out in the air. Before they are let out in the air, we must ensure they are safe for our health and the health of our environment.

To remove air pollutants efficiently from the air, there are three types of industrial scrubbers in use:

1) Dry industrial scrubbers
2) Wet Industrial scrubbers
3) Electrostatic Precipitators

They play a vital role in controlling the air quality let out from your factory or industry making the environment safe for the health of your on-site staff. Industrial emissions or flue gas have pollutants like carbon monoxide, methane, hydrocarbons, acidic fumes, and much more.

Dry industrial scrubbers are used in all kinds of industries but they are less efficient at removing toxic acidic gases from the air. Here, the wet industrial scrubbers come into picture. They are great at removing toxic acidic fumes at the cost of wet sludge getting deposited creating problems of its disposal and also high maintenance costs.

An ESP or electrostatic precipitator is much more efficient at getting rid of all kinds of pollutants from the air but it is a bit pricey. It charges the air particles into positive and negative. Thus removing all the harmful pollutants. ESPs are also in dry and wet types.

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