Floor Scrubbing Dealers

Floor Scrubbing Machine Dealers in Bahrain

Regular maintenance and upkeep of your commercial establishment leads to the rising cost of facility maintenance. For easy and efficient maintenance of your huge floor, a floor scrubbing machine is the most authentic solution. Invest in a good floor scrubbing machine with a large cleaning path, a powerful motor, a long 50 feet power cord, ease of use and more.

The best commercial floor cleaning solutions give different technologies of floor cleaning and scrubbing machines to cover large surfaces. Typically, they are multifunctional. Their coverage varies from hundreds to many thousands of square feet per hour.

Their major functions include:
● Fast cleaning of wide area of surface
● Floor sweeping
● Deep cleaning
● Scrubbing and drying
● Vacuuming

Types of floor cleaning devices based on their physical usage:
● Walk behind
● Ride on
● Man – on – board

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