Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products in Bahrain

1) Eco friendly floor cleaners
2) Eco friendly mirror and glass cleaners
3) Eco friendly leather polish
4) Eco friendly laundry cleaners
5) Eco friendly toilet bowl cleaners
6) Eco friendly dishwashing liquids
7) Eco friendly sanitizers
8) Eco friendly room air fresheners
9) Eco friendly fixtures polish
10) Eco friendly automobile polish
11) Eco friendly deslimer

The range of eco friendly products do not hurt the environment as upon their use, they do not produce harmful chemicals. Also, during their manufacturing process, chemicals are not used. Even, while sourcing the raw material, chemicals are not used. These products form the base of sustainability of our environment. Industrial and domestic waste water discharged after cleaning using these products is better than chemical laden products. Shop for eco friendly products in Bahrain at Paragon Trading.