Dry Vacuum

Paragon trading company has been an established name in the kingdom of Bahrain since 2004. Suppose you plan to begin a new venture, whether as a contractor, restaurant, or even a new home, we are always available with our latest services and products. A neat place starts with clean and hygienic flooring. We have two excellent varieties of vacuum cleaner for you. Have a look at our two best selling products:

Numatic Henry: We are a significant manufacturer of dry vacuum cleaner suppliers in Bahrain. This model is primarily for hard surface flooring. It also serves as a good match for carpets. With an ideal weight and minimum electricity consumption, this product gives you the service more than it’s worth. It’s available in various colors for you to select.

Numatic George: We are already a significant supplier of dry vacuum cleaners in Bahrain. After good customer reviews, we are now a massive brand for both wet and dry vacuum cleaners suppliers in Bahrain. This model is an all-rounder which helps you in both wet and dry cleaning. The damp and dry cabinets’ capacity is different and works well for large or small areas.
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