Cleaning equipments

Paragon trading company has been an important name in the kingdom of Bahrain since 2004. Suppose you plan to begin a new business, whether as a contractor, restaurant, or even a new home, we are always available with our latest services and products. A neat place starts with clean and hygienic surroundings.

Since we are an established cleaning equipment supplier in Bahrain, we understand your requirements well. Customer needs change every year, so do we. We always use the latest technology to be the best in the market. According to your needs, we have an excellent range of cleaning equipment depending on whether it is a small scale or large scale business plan. You can buy the right product here. Have a look at our top-selling products:

• Disinfectant sprays
• Hand sanitizers/wipes
• Sanitizer dispenser
• Personal protective equipment
• Surface disinfectants
• Vacuum cleaners- wet/dry

We would love to provide free consultation for all your queries. Our team will revert in case you want to purchase our product online or from our store. You can always trust us as we are the best cleaning products suppliers in Bahrain. You can book a free demo to know our work better. You can contact us below

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