Cleaning Chemicals Distributors

Cleaning Chemicals Distributors in Bahrain – Paragon Trading

Hospitality industry, retail & commercial sectors need economical & large scale cleaning chemical agents to meet their housekeeping requirements. Cleaning chemicals being potent give the best value for money in their day to day cleaning purposes. Different types of surfaces need a different cleaning chemical for maintaining their beauty & hygiene.

The degree of harshness of the chemicals depends on their function. The list of cleaning chemicals distributors is as follows:
1. Bathroom cleaner distributors
2. Toilet bowl cleaner distributors
3. All purpose hard surface cleaner distributors
4. Glass and mirror cleaners distributors
5. Furniture polish cleaners distributors
6. Air, room & bathroom freshener distributors
7. Toilet bowl descaler, delimer distributors
8. Oil & grease remover distributors
9. Bath fittings & walls descaler distributors
10. Hard stain remover distributors

With our decades of experience in chemical cleaning agents and stain removers, we provide estimation of quantity required for your commercial establishment. Request a quote today for cleaning chemical distribution across Bahrain.