Chemicals for Cleaning Distributors

Cleaning Agents, Chemicals and their Distributors in Bahrain

A chemical cleaning agent can be in the form of liquid, crystals, powder or gel. These make cleaning easy and economical for large scale cleaning of different kinds of surfaces. Paragon Trading has decades of experience choosing the perfect chemicals for cleaning in Bahrain. We are a premier and recognized chemicals for cleaning distributors in Bahrain.
We have the four major types of chemicals for your cleaning purpose:

● Detergents
● Degreasers
● Abrasives
● Acids
These chemicals increase the efficiency of all kinds of cleaning equipment and help remove dust, dirt, grease, grime, discoloration and debris. They provide a sparkling shine to the surface. Every cleaning process must follow proper sanitization. Good housekeeping and janitorial services are achievable with these chemicals. Request a quote or get a free consultation on chemicals for cleaning today!